Invitation to The8-th International Scientific and Practical Conference “Current issues of linguisti

Dear colleagues, we invite you to participate in The 8-th International Scientific and Practical Conference “Current issues of linguistics and didactics: The interdisciplinary approach in humanities and social sciences”

The 8-th International Scientific and Practical Conference “Current issues of linguistics and didactics: The interdisciplinary approach in humanities and social sciences” will be held at Volgograd State University, Volgograd, Russia on April 23 - May 15, 2018.

Тhe results of the conference (conference papers) will be published in:

1) the English-language special issue of the international journal “Advances in Social Science, Education and Humanities Research” (ISSN 2352-5398), indexed by Web of Science (open access) and Google Scholar,

2) a multilingual collection of papers (in Russian, English, German, French), indexed by RSCI, Google Scholar.

The selected articles will be provided in open access at the conference site.

Brief information letter about the conference 2018

All the information is available at

Important dates:

Registration for regular (oral) participation - by 15 April 2018

Paper submission - by 30 May 2018

Notification of acceptance - by the end of June 2018

Payment of a registration fee - by the end of June 2018 (After receiving the letter on article adoption)

Sessions and trends:

Trend 1. Language sciences, philology, linguistics

  • Session 1.1: Modern aspects of linguosemiotics

  • Session 1.2: Functional and semantic, cognitive and pragmatic peculiarities of linguistic units of different levels

  • Session 1.3: Linguo-contceptology and cultural linguistics in modern science

  • Session 1.4: Text and discourse linguistics in the interdisciplinary paradigm

  • Session 1.5: Currently important tasks of text translation studies

  • Session 1.6: Computer and applied linguistics in the interdisciplinary paradigm

  • Session 1.7: Folklore and literary heritage

  • Session 1.8: Bilingualism and multilingualism The phenomenon of secondary linguistic identity

  • Session 1.9: Psycho- and sociolinguistics

  • Session 1.10: Regional ecolinguistics and linguistic geography

Trend 2. Media, communication and PR in a multicultural context

  • Session 2.1: Aspects of interpersonal and intercultural communication

  • Session 2.2: Mass media and communication in the national and global contexts. Media discourse as a factor of forming the socio-communicative environment: from regional to global

  • Session 2.3: The phenomenon of linguocultural tourism and its impact on the region and the global ecolinguistic system

  • Session 2.4: Authorship, intellectual property, patents and copyright in science and communication

  • Session 2.5: The phenomenon of leadership in scientific and professional communities within the multinational environment

  • Session 2.6: Digital society and media-culture in the information age

  • Session 2.7: Peculiarities of the advertising text

  • Session 2.8: PR in a multicultural context

  • Session 2.9: The specifics of online communication in the Internet space

  • Session 2.10: Digital libraries and university databases

Trend 3. Education and pedagogical system

  • Session 3.1: Computer education and linguodidactics in the interdisciplinary paradigm

  • Session 3.2: Mobile technology and ICT in teaching foreign languages and cultures

  • Session 3.3: Educational communication within the school and university discourses

  • Session 3.4: Training specialists in the prism of national economy, open and international education

  • Session 3.5: State policy in the field of vocational training

  • Session 3.6: Current tasks and prospects of creating an accessible learning environment for students with special needs and disabilities

  • Session 3.7: Management of scientific and educational organization

  • Session 3.8: Discipline, monitoring and evaluation issues

  • Session 3.9: The system of additional education. Club activity. Science parks. Field-specific camps.

  • Session 3.10. School education. Secondary education.

  • Session 3.11. Educational and academic qualification and its enhancement.

Trend 4. Pedagogical psychology and self-education

  • Session 4.1. General issues of pedagogical psychology

  • Session 4.2. The issues of self-development and self-improvement

  • Session 4.3. Psychology of a student in the educational institution

  • Session 4.4. Special needs education. Investigating and developing methods of interaction and training students with special needs and disabilities

  • Session 4.5. The issues of memorizing and enhancing efficiency when studying subjects

  • Session 4.6. Aspects of pedagogical rehabilitation

Trend 5. Issues of culture, ethics, law, versatility in a society

  • Session 5.1. Linguocultural context of separate regions

  • Session 5.2. Conflicts of public opinion, personality, law, ethics in a multicultural, multilingual and multi-ethnic society

  • Session 5.3. Issues of forming and preserving national identity in the modern globalized space. Multiculturalism

  • Session 5.4. Administrative and state regulating the integrity of the multicultural, multilingual and multi-ethnic community

  • Session 5.5. Ethics issues in civil society, science, information field in the linguo-global context

  • Session 5.6. International policy and international relations as an element of establishing inter-ethnic and inter-language relations

  • Session 5.7. Linguistic, cultural and social terrorism

  • Session 5.8. Linguocultural and sociocultural history of the region

  • Session 5.9. Reflection of language and culture in design and art

  • Session 5.10. Cross-cultural research of personality and society

Trend 6. Modern technologies and mobility of academic and teaching staff experts

  • Session 6.1. Creation of accessible social and information environment for the population group with special needs

  • Session 6.2. Ensuring mobility of academic and teaching staff in the linguoglobal space

  • Session 6.3. Mobile technologies and neural networks in managing the activity of scientific, educational, commercial and industrial institutions

  • Session 6.4. Digital literacy and Internet era in modern education

  • Session 6.5. Information security in education

Trend 7. Economics of the region and institutions of science, education, industry

  • Session 7.1. Development of regional and national economics to increase competitiveness of local scientific, educational, commercial, industrial institutions and specialists

  • Session 7.2. Raising grants, scholarships, awards for intensification and development of scientific and research fundamental and applied activities. Scientific research in the prism of intellectual property commercialization

  • Session 7.3. Economic crisis and its impact on the state of modern science

  • Session 7.4. Export and import of scientific and educational services and the consequences

  • Session 7.5. Marketing of educational, research and other intellectual services in the polyethnic and multilingual market

  • Session 7.6. Scientific and research startups and their prospects

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